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Video: Two African-American Women Asked To Leave A Victoria’s Secret Store in Oxford, Alabama Goes Viral



The last thing that should be on a woman’s mind while shopping at one of her favorite stores is to encounter a racist bigot posing as one of the stores representatives. A Victoria’s Secret store manager who announced herself as simply “Faith” could be heard in the background of this video demanding for two women to leave the Oxford, Alabama branch and refused to give up her last name. When one of the two women that was told to get out asked for the reason as to why they have to leave the store, “Faith” came up with no answer and threw up smoke-screens by rallying up mall security as if she was in fear of something.

The incident was captured via Facebook Live by one of the victim’s Ms. Kimberly Houzah. The other victim, appalled as to what was happening to them, extended an Olive Branch by giving Ms. Houzah her personal information so that they could link together as a team and call Victoria’s Secret Corporate Office. The video suggest that “Faith” had caught an African-American woman shoplifting so she decided to abuse her authority by insinuating that all three of the African-American women (who did not know each other) were together shoplifting or maybe she just did not want to deal with the women of color in her store after the shoplifting incident. Whatever the case, for Ms. Houzah those cute little panties and bras sets or those glittery “PINK” gym bags or those V-neck Tee’s & Boyfriend bottoms aren’t worth jeopardizing a career that she built for herself but her pride and her rights were already violated. In the video, an emotional Ms. Houzah could be seen crying and disgusted by the manner of treatment she received. The next day, Ms. Houzah rallied up her own troops to boycott the store with signs and a valid argument but decided to call it truce after the stores corporate office got in touch with her.  

A spokesperson for Victoria’s Secret reached out to Ms. Houzah to offer her a sincere apology and raised the bar to let her know that “Faith” is no longer employed with the company. Here is what they had to say: “What happened at our store should not have happened and does not represent who we are or what we stand for. Victoria’s Secret is adamant that all customers regardless of race be treated with dignity and respect at all times.” 

Many of us take for granted the use of Facebook Live while we showcase videos of no substance while others utilizing the hardcore reality that racism is screaming at a high-pitched volume and many of us refuse to turn a deaf ear and will continue to stand up for what is right. The victims in this case strike me as hard-working everyday women who loves to treat themselves to what they want without regard. With that said, I applaud the women for the way that they handled the situation and to my Sisters of all races that had her back on her original Facebook post. Ladies, if no one has told you all… Y’ALL ROCK!